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What if u held a contest for someone to have their oc in Isles of Alenai
My name is Irroro Mirla.

I'm a merman. Though, I prefer to be called a merboy, simply because I don't feel old enough to be called a man- though I'm nineteen years old.
I go to clubs a lot, I dance my heart out, have a few drinks, and even make out with strangers. Yeah, it's an illegal age to do so, but that's what fake ID's are for. How I manage to even go there is my tail turns into legs when I'm out of water, simple as that.
I know it seems like I live my life a strange way, but I'm living it with as much fun as I can have. Living life like this was better than how I used to live. Hell, I used to be a human.
Which brings me to the main story here.

This is the story of how I became what I am now.

I was fifteen when it began.
I never knew my mom, I never knew what happened to her. I never bothered to think about it.
Now my dad, I knew him all my life. But that wasn't exactly a good thing. I hated my dad.
I hated him because he hated me.

He'd hit me, scream at me, scratch me, basically anything. I started to wonder for a while if he wanted me to kill myself because he just didn't want to deal with the clean-up work himself.


At night, though, I'd go out to the beach that wasn't too far from the house. The sea there was the only thing that ever made me feel happy. Every now and then I'd see fish or crabs win the water, I'd find things that would wash up on the shore. It was nice.
Though, sometimes my dad would find me and pull me back home if he realized I had run off. He was extremely forceful when he did it...

I had to deal with this for fifteen years. Every day, hour, and moment was filled with suffering for me. I wanted to get away in some way. I needed to get away.

Then it finally happened to me.

I stayed at the beach another night, I did my usual- watching the sea and creatures. Stuff like that.
But something different happened at this night.
A bottle of some kind washed right up to me. Inside of it was a note and some kind of kelp, I opened the bottle and read the note, It said something along the lines of-

"Eat this and you will be free through the water."

In all honesty I was a little skeptical. I didn't know what to think or do- what if this stuff was going to kill me or something?
Honestly it wasn't like it would matter if it did anyway.

Not long after that I heard the voice of my dad. He was screaming my name. He was going to find me at any moment.
It was either I eat the stuff and take the chance or I continue to be abused.
It was pretty obvious what I chose.

So I ate the stuff. The taste was... weird, but what happened once I swallowed is what changed my life forever.
Suddenly my legs were engulfed in what looked like some kind of magical water currents- eventually covering my entire body. I could feel... something changing, but I just didn't know what.
Just as suddenly as those currents appeared- they vanished, leaving me to wonder what happened- then I looked down.
My legs were different.
they had... scales on them. Scales what went from a gradient to green, aqua, then a deep indigo color- then the scales faded to the skin on my feet.
I didn't have time to gawk at my legs much longer- my dad's voice was getting closer.

Taking any other exit I had, I went into the water, diving under the sea when I was far enough from the shore.
That's when it happened.
There was a shifting sort of feeling in my body- the currents surrounded me once more, and when they disappeared, I no longer had legs.

I had a tail now. A fish's tail.

I didn't think about it too much more until I tried to swim farther away. I only rose up to the surface once to look back at the shore of my old home before I turned away for the last time and swam away.

I was free.

And not too long after that... I met my best friend.
Isles of Alenai - Irroro's Form -SIDE IRRORO-
Okay so- I know I don't write very much, I've never been too much of a writer, but I wanted to do something with this universe thingy I made.

I'm officially calling it 'Isles of Alenai'

Because those same isles are the isles King Veralin rules over.
but this story focuses on another character of the universe, named Irroro Mirla.

Also yes, the preview image is a picture of the merboy himself- tho made on Sims 3
this is also sort of a collab with computerwar who has written the other half of the story which is the story through Zak's POV!!
U can read it right here~~…

Isles of Alenai (c) Lokelios
Irroro Mirla (c) Lokelios

If I could give Irroro any song for a theme song.
Petition to change the term 'Pokémon team' to 'Pokésquad'
...tbh i don't know why but

It bothers me that I tried to put a lot of character into Nubila but a lot of people prefer his father over him.
With some thinking, and a lot of sleeping- I decided it would be best to take some days for myself due to the stress and sadness I've been going through lately

I don't know exactly how many days I will take to myself, or if it'll be just a one-time thing

I think I might take one or a few days alone, spend a day or two talking with someone, then im gonna spend a few more days alone
so if I never seem to reply to you or anything, please be patient and remember that I'm taking days to myself for my own mental health.


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